Golden Sun: Dark Dawn – A Retrospective

After the GBA released, there weren't many truly killer RPGs for the handheld in question. The genre existed, sure, but none of them had the feel. Most fell flat, either from a technical perspective or story perspective. The few good ones suffered from a different problem: bad marketing. All, except a certain little game by… Continue reading Golden Sun: Dark Dawn – A Retrospective

Wikipedia and Direct Democracy

Disclaimer: I've studied for this essay extensively, however, I will not claim to be an expert. If you believe I've made a mistake, then don't hesitate to contact me. What is the cycle of anacyclosis? Simply put, a hierarchy goes through multiple stages as it advances through time. As defined by Plato, you start out… Continue reading Wikipedia and Direct Democracy

Game Reviews: Untold Stories, The House Abandoned

This is meta. The Bait: Let me get something out of the way, this game is absolutely brilliant, it proves that meta text adventures can be really terrifying. No spoilers, but this game utilizes some of the best game design I have ever seen. The Catch: SPOILERS BELOW: The game starts off fairly simple, you… Continue reading Game Reviews: Untold Stories, The House Abandoned