Ty Reviews: Spider-Man Homecoming




You don’t know what the plot is?

You seriously don’t have the time to open up another tab and click the first result?


Spider-Man: Homecoming is the story of young Peter Parker. He’s basically this teen with spider powers.

For those that somehow don’t know his origin story, here’s a quick catch up:
Peter Parker was this nerd who did nerdy stuff. 

He was involved in chemistry and science.

One day he stumbled his way into a lab.

The lab had radioactive spiders.

Yep, you know where this is going.

A spider hopped onto Peter, and decided “Hey! I’m gonna bite you for no particular reason!”

And thus was Spider-Man born.

All of a sudden Peter has spider powers because reasons.
This is where the story branches off. Ya see, there have been so many different retellings that it’s often difficult to summarize. So I’m gonna generalize.

Suffice to say, USUALLY, Peter meets a thief/murderer/general-criminal and doesn’t do anything about it, despite knowing who the criminal is and what he’s done.

This guy is a real role-model.

Later his uncle is USUALLY shot and killed by the said criminal.

And that’s that.
The movie starts up with a little video diary of the events of Civil War from Peter’s point of view. 

By the end of it, he’s gushing like a 5-year-old about the excitement of taking on the Captain himself. But soon enough, it’s over, and he’s back to being your average high-schooler.

Bored, annoyed, and not very popular.
Well, not completely average, but It might as well be. 

Despite actively looking for crime, all he found was a lost bicycle, and there’s not much you can do about a lost bicycle.

He did leave a note though, so I guess that might help.
(Un)Fortunately, he finds an ATM heist while patrolling the streets. The goons in question are wearing avengers helmets.

The strange thing is that those goons are using very high-tech weaponry, antigravity manipulators and everything in-between.

Luckily, Spidey gains the upper hand, managing to keep the money from getting away.

Unluckily, there’s now a sizable hole in the deli down the street.
Where did this come from? No human has those kinds of guns?


Think back to the very first Avengers movie. Remember all that high-tech gear?

Supposedly It was supposed to have ended up with Tony Stark, along with the Department of Damage Control.

But we have to remember that this was an entire city covered in scrap.

Wait a couple months, and we have Adrian Tomes, an engineer currently getting paid to scrap the alien ships.

But soon enough, a battalion of government workers appear, telling them that the contract has been terminated and that they are taking over the salvage job.
Adrian is not happy, he had put a lot of cash into this job. And now Tony Stark of all people was stealing cash right out of his pocket.

When asked to hand over all salvaging tools, he does, except for one truck load.
When he finds out that he forgot to hand it over, he decides not to do so, and keep it.

Fast forward to the present, and he’s become fairly successful. Selling black hole grenades, various explosives, etc.

And he owns a set of vulture wings.

Spider-man has found out about the weapons, and he isn’t happy. But he can’t get in touch with Tony, due to his handler completely ignoring him.

Despite being completely out of his league, he decides to go it alone and try to stop Adrian.
The Good 



Why do they make it so hard on me?

I’m just trying to do regular blog posts.
Honestly, this is really good. 

Homecoming gets so many things right, especially when compared to previous movies. For one thing, there’s no long origin story, no Ben died so now we have to have this side story thing. Instead, It simply focuses on Peter’s 

struggles with being a hero.

I especially like how they messed around with the cast.

Rather then Flash being an annoying jock, he’s an annoying geek. Instead of Aunt May being, well.

Aunt May.

She’s a hot older woman, acting as a surrogate mom.

I especially love how they changed Peter. Instead of being this perfect, crying mess that’s supposed to look like a teenager, Tom Holland acts like a teenager.
Peter isn’t unbelievably mature like in the other movies. He has flaws, and the movie is willing to show them full force.

He’s barely in control of his powers, not very smart, and just overall lame.

And yet you can’t help but admire how he grits his teeth and keeps on going, despite the pain, despite the hurt.

I especially appreciate the villain.

Rather than having grandiose schemes involving taking over the world, he’s just an engineer staying under the radar to feed his family, and honestly, ya can’t help but sympathize with the guy.
It’s considerably lighter-toned then the previous incarnations, which I really appreciate.

All of the previous movies were so operatic and dark. Heck, 60% of scenes in the last few movies were monochromatic.

It’s awesome how a film so big is able to focus on things so small. You rarely get that kind of writing in AAA movies.

Not to mention, It’s just fun! Comedy is ABUNDANT throughout the movie.

Ultimately, This is just more proof that marvel understands what it’s heroes are at their very core.

The Bad 

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and homecoming is no exception.

It really annoyed me that the film seemed to really lean towards Stark being some kind of hero when it came to the whole salvage operation.

Another annoyance is that certain characters didn’t get enough screen time. I really feel that the film would have benefited by making sure that Flash, Ned, and others, didn’t feel as two-dimensional as they did.

The big twist wasn’t that surprising.

I saw it coming thirty minutes in, which was kinda disappointing.

Unfortunately, the battle scenes are not that exciting, and the choreography is more than a little lacking.

But it’s ultimate failure comes in when Spidey has been stripped of his suit and was under a bunch of rocks.

Instead of feeling inspired, the scene felt forced and awkward. And I could tell that it’s supposed to resonate with the viewer, but with me, I was just shrugging.


Altogether, this is a really good movie. You should watch it if only for the laughs. With a unique twist on classic Spider-Man, this is sure to go down on my re-watch list.

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