Game Reviews: Untold Stories, The House Abandoned

This is meta.

The Bait:

Let me get something out of the way, this game is absolutely brilliant, it proves that meta text adventures can be really terrifying. No spoilers, but this game utilizes some of the best game design I have ever seen.

The Catch:

The game starts off fairly simple, you arrive to your summer home, there isn’t a hint of horror anywhere(I want mai resident evil zombiezzz). You play on an old commodore (around the time of the dinosaurs), on a desk surrounded by various trinkets, including a photo of (supposedly) young you and your sister. There’s also an alarm, a lamp, and a phone (landline of course, they included it with the lamp). At first I was like: There is no point to this, it’s just lagging the game and the landline is useless. However, my view changed along with the atmosphere. Something just felt off about the first half of the game, giving this tension to an otherwise no-tension situation.
And then things got really meta.
The Reel In:

After exploring the house, you walk up to your bedroom, nothing seems off, just a bedroom, with the special package. I will be honest, I didn’t expect much, maybe a cheesy sucked into another world/time plot, IF I was lucky (I don’t have that luck.) Of course, like all good games, they completely throw my expectations out the roof, and into a pit of boiling lava, along with old ET copies.
The special present is… An old commodore?
Everyone let it out with me.
Along with a copy of The House Abandon.
Hey, you, did you just faint?
Only time you should faint is if your friend gets you Skyward Sword for your birthday.

Of course I started scrambling to get this thing set up, Soon enough the atmosphere changes completely. Everything is dark, and creepy, the note now says creepy messages like: Get Out and You wanted this.
Now, you might be thinking, Great, another awkward twist, back to the days when Krados found hope in Pandora’s box instead of kittens.
But this wasn’t awkward, it was coordinated, it wasn’t surprising bad, it was surprising good.
The idea of the generator turning on the lights in the room. Brilliant.
Everything was just so well coordinated.
The Cuts:
However, even the best of games has it’s flaws. In this case, the Beginning and some of the End.
I wasn’t that interested in the stuff at the beginning, I only continued because of some pressure from a friend. Also, it was kinda hard to remember what to say at the end.
All in all, I’d have to Catch this one, if you have an opportunity to play it, go ahead, it’s lots of fun.

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